Objective: Grow, select, process and sell Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to credible coffee importers around the world. 
Mission: Market and sell Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, while ensuring that our product is of the highest quality and that our suppliers benefit from our success. 
Accreditation: Over 30 years in the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (JMBC) business Certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board to export JBMC. Market share is 15-20% of the total production of JMBC. In association with Jamaica Coffee Co

Major Clients: Corporate structure: Management: Affiliated Companies: *Coffee Farm
UCC Japan Chairman: St. Clair Shirley St. Clair Shirley-Managing Hylton Shirley Estates Limited*
Kanematsu Japan Directors: David A. Shirley-Marketing Edward Harrison Estates*
Edmonds Group UK David A. Shirley Cyreene Gilbert-Accounts St. Clouds B.M. Plantations Limited*
Other clients in Italy, 
Spain, USA
Stephen Shirley and 
Deborah Touzalin
Glocita Seabourne-Administration
Charmaine Simpson-Administration
Stoneleigh Coffee Processors Limited (Coffee Processing Factory)