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TAIR Resources Corporation is an authorized distributor of Stoneleigh coffee processors.

We market and sell authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans ensuring that our product is of the highest quality and our clients benefit from our success. TAIR Resources is a full service company with the ability to structure comprehensive label products. We work as a conduit to provide access to the best coffee beans in the industry, and have a method by which our clients are able to offer their own private label to their customers. The use of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee as a catalyst alongside your company's own established distribution channel can increase your profitability while expanding your brand image.



Objective: Grow, select, process and sell Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to credible coffee importers around the world. 
Mission: Market and sell Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, while ensuring that our product is of the highest quality and that our suppliers benefit from our success. 
Accreditation: Over 30 years in the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (JMBC) business Certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board to export JBMC. Market share is 15-20% of the total production of JMBC. In association with Jamaica Coffee Co

Major Clients: Corporate structure: Management: Affiliated Companies: *Coffee Farm
UCC Japan Chairman: St. Clair Shirley St. Clair Shirley-Managing Hylton Shirley Estates Limited*
Kanematsu Japan Directors: David A. Shirley-Marketing Edward Harrison Estates*
Edmonds Group UK David A. Shirley Cyreene Gilbert-Accounts St. Clouds B.M. Plantations Limited*
Other clients in Italy, 
Spain, USA
Stephen Shirley and 
Deborah Touzalin
Glocita Seabourne-Administration
Charmaine Simpson-Administration
Stoneleigh Coffee Processors Limited (Coffee Processing Factory)
Roasted RETAIL 1LBS 1-9LBS 10-25LBS 26-100LBS 101-OVER
JBM#1 - Ground $49.38 $46.88 $43.13 $40.13 $34.06
JBM#1 - Whole Bean $50.62 $48.13 $44.38 $41.38 $35.00
JBM SELECT - Ground $36.88 $34.38 $30.63 $27.63 $21.56
JBM SELECT - Whole Bean $38.13 $35.63 $31.88 $28.88 $22.50

Geen Beans

Current Grades Total cost price/kg
JBM #1 $30.00 $37.50
JBM #2 $27.36 $34.20
JBM #3 $23.09 $28.86
Peaberry $27.36 $34.20